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Sunday, May 20, 2012

latihan soal smu kelas 2 bag 3

When we buy a mobile phone, we have to think the advantages as well as the disadvantages. Doing so, we will be able to make a wise decision.
            If we decide to buy a mobile phone, we can start asking ourselves the usefulness of the equipment. We may ask,” Do we want it for our prestige or for its usefulness.”
After we decide to use a mobile phone, we should make a choice on the type of mobile phone, we should make a choice on the type of mobile phone. With the various in the market, we should decide the one that meet our needs. We must know what we need.
            As the consequences of its high operation cost, we have to pay more for a mobile phone compared to a fixed telephone. That is why we have to think carefully before we decide to use it. Therefore, we only use mobile phone for important talk. It will not be wise if we use it for a chat with a friend.
            With all the consequences of the mobile phone we needed, we should give serious consideration before using it. They are:
1.     Ask yourself, “Do I really need it at the moment?”
2.     Buy the mobile phone that suits your budget.
3.     Prioritize the function of the mobile phone for you, rather than its features that may interest you.
4.     Use the mobile phone for important talks.
(1).  What is the topic of the text?
A.     How to buy a new mobile phone.
B.     The advantages and disadvantages of buying a mobile phone.
C.     How to choose a good mobile phone.
D.    The consequences of having a mobile phone.
E.     Some consideration that we should do before buying a mobile phone. 

(2).   What is the kind of the text?
A.     Narrative
B.     Recount
C.     Procedure
D.    Analytical exposition
E.     Hortatory exposition 
(3). What is the social function of the text?
A.     To entertain the readers
B.     To persuade the readers that something is the case.
C.     To persuade the readers that something should or should not be the case.
D.    To describe how something is accomplished through a sequence of action.
E.     To share with others an account of an unusual or amusing incident.

(4). Which of the following statement is false according to the text?
A.     We should use our mobile phone for useful talks.
B.     We buy the mobile phone if we really need it.
C.     We should buy mobile phone that suits our budget.
D.    We buy mobile phone because we can get some disadvantages.
E.     The operation cost of mobile phone is higher than a fixed telephone.

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